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PBS Western Reserve • Programs A-Z

Key: M=Monday; T=Tuesday; W=Wednesday; TH=Thursday; F=Friday; S=Saturday; SU=Sunday; M-F=Monday through Friday; PMT=preempted

Airtimes of one-time-only specials are indicated by day and date; ongoing series by day-of-week only. Dates that a series is preempted (PMT) are indicated in parentheses.

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10 Streets That Changed America
6a S 4/27

100 Years from Mississippi
3:30p SU 4/7

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Alma’s Way
7:30a SU-F (PMT 4/23)

Amanpour and Company
11p M-F (PMT 4/23); 4a T-S

America’s Heartland
4:30p TH

America’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated
3p F; 4p S

American Experience, Poisoned Ground: The Tragedy at Love Canal
10p T 4/23

American Masters, The Incomparable Mr. Buckley
9p F 4/5; 2a S 4/6

Antiques Roadshow
8p M (PMT 4/8); 9p M (PMT 4/8 & 4/22); 1a T (PMT 4/9); 2a T (PMT 4/9 & 4/23); 2p M-F

Around Akron with Blue Green
5:30a M 4/1; 4p TH 4/4; 4:30p S 4/13; 4p M 4/15; 6p S 4/27

Art Happens Here with John Lithgow
10p F 4/26; 3a S 4/27

6:30a SU; 6a M-F (PMT 4/8)

Ask This Old House
Noon S; 10:30a SU; 3:30p T

Austin City Limits
11p S; 3a SU

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BBC News
6p & 6:30p M-F; midnight T-S

The Best of the Joy of Painting
9a S

Black College Football Hall of Fame: Journey to Canton
10:30p S 4/6; 2:30a SU 4/7

Boblo Boats: A Detroit Ferry Tale
7a S 4/27

Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the World
7a S (ends 4/20); 4a SU (ends 4/28)

Breath of Freedom
9p S 4/6; 1a & 4:30p SU 4/7

A Brief History of the Future
9p W 4/3–4/24; 2a TH 4/4–4/25; 5p T (begins 4/9)

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Call the Midwife
8p SU; 1a M (PMT 4/29); 10p TH; 3a F; 1:30a M 4/29

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Camping!
6a M 4/8; 11:30a W 4/17; 7a T 4/23

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip
5p TH

Changing Planet, Coral Special
8p W 4/24; 1a TH 4/25

The Chavis Chronicles
12:30a T

The Cheech
12:30a M 4/1

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television
11a S; 3p W (begins 4/17)

Cook’s Country
4:30p F

Curious Crew
8:30a SU (begins 4/14)

Curious George
1p M-F (PMT 4/3, 4/19 & 4/22)

8a SU

Cyndi Lauper Live ... At Last
10p S 4/13; 2a SU 4/14

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
9a M-F (PMT 4/1, 4/11 & 4/16)

9p & 9:45p S 4/20 & 4/27; 1a & 1:45a SU 4/21 & 4/28

Democracy Now!
5a T–F

Dinosaur Train: Nature Trackers Adventure Camp
8:30a T 4/16; 1p F 4/19; 10:30a F 4/26

Donkey Hodie
11a M-F (PMT 4/9 & 4/26)

Dooky Chase Kitchen: Leah’s Legacy
10a S (ends 4/6)

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Elinor Wonders Why
Noon M-F (PMT 4/17 & 4/25)

Ellie’s Real Good Food
3:30p W

Elton John & Bernie Taupin: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song
8p M 4/8; 1a T 4/9; 8p S 4/13; midnight SU 4//14

Epic Train Journeys from Above
5p F; 1p S; 5a SU

The Express Way with Dulé Hill
9p T (begins 4/23); 2a W (begins 4/24)

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The Farmer and the Foodie
4:30p M

Father Brown
2p–6p SU 4/14; 2p–5p SU 4/21 & 4/28

Finding Your Roots
8p T (ends 4/9); 1a W (ends 4/10); 1p SU (ends 4/14)

Firing Line with Margaret Hoover
6:30p SU

Fit 2 Stitch
3p TH

Forum 360
5p & 5:30p M 4/1

10p T 4/2, 4/16 & 4/30; 3a W 4/3 & 4/17

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Generations: Cuyahoga Valley National Park
5a M 4/22; 8p S 4/27; midnight SU 4/28

Genius by Stephen Hawking
6a S (ends 4/20)

The Great American Recipe
3p M (ends 4/22)

Great Performances, Now Hear This
9p F (begins 4/12); 2a S (begins 4/13)

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Help! We Bought a Village
8p T (begins 4/16); 1a W (begins 4/17); 1p SU (begins 4/21)

History Detectives
8a S

History with David Rubenstein
5p S

Homemade Live!
4p M (ends 4/8)

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In Julia’s Kitchen
4:30p S (ends 4/6)

Independent Lens
11p SU 4/7 & 4/14; 4a M 4/1–4/15

Inspired Lives
11p SU 4/21; 4a M 4/22

The Invisible Shield, Follow the Data
10p T 4/9; 3a W 4/10

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J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom
4p W

Julius Caesar: The Making of a Dictator
9p T 4/2–4/16; 2a W 4/3–4/17

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Keeping Up Appearances
6:30p S

Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Celebrations
4p M (begins 4/22)

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The Lawrence Welk Show
7p S

Legacy List with Matt Paxton
4p TH (begins 4/11)

Lidia’s Kitchen
10:30a S

Life: First Steps
noon SU 4/7–4/21; 2p S 4/13–4/27

Lines Broken: The Story of Marion Motley
3p SU 4/7

Lyla in the Loop
8a M-F (PMT 4/5)

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Martin Clunes: Islands of the Pacific
3p M (begins 4/29)

Masterpiece, Alice & Jack
10p SU (ends 4/21); 3a M (ends 4/22)

Masterpiece, Guilt
10p SU (begins 4/28); 3:30a M 4/29

Masterpiece, Mr Bates vs The Post Office
9p SU; 2a M (begins 4/8) (PMT 4/29); 2:30a M 4/29

Masterpiece, Nolly
2a M (ends 4/1)

4:30a M 4/29

8:30a SU (ends 4/7)

Midsomer Murders
9p TH; 2a F

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
6a SU

Modern Pioneering with Georgia Pellegrini
4:30p W (begins 4/24)

Molly of Denali
7a SU-F (PMT 4/23 & 4/30)

12:30p S; 11:30a SU; 4:30p T

Moveable Feast
3:30p S

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8p W (PMT 4/3 & 4/24); 1a TH (PMT 4/4 & 4/25); 5p W (PMT 4/10)

Nature Cat
12:30p M-F (PMT 4/3)

Nature Cat: Nature Movie Special Extraordinaire
12:30p M 4/22; noon TH 4/25; 6:30a T 4/30

Next at the Kennedy Center
10p F 4/12 & 4/19; 3a S 4/13 & 4/20

8p W 4/3; 10p W; 1a TH 4/4; 3a TH; 5p T 4/2; 5p M (PMT 4/1); 5p W 4/10

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Odd Squad
6:30a M-F (PMT 4/8 & 4/30)

Opportunity Knock$
12:30a F

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Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer
9:30a S

Pati’s Mexican Table
10a S (begins 4/13)

PBS NewsHour
7p M-F

PBS News Weekend
5:30p S

PBS Western Reserve: A Study in Persistence
8p S 4/20; midnight SU 4/21; 3a W 4/24

Pinkalicious & Peterrific
11:30a M-F (PMT 4/17)

Pullman and the Railroad Rebellion: American Stories
2p S 4/6

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Quilt in a Day
3:30p TH

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Radical Restoration
11a SU (begins 4/28)

The Real Story of Mr Bates vs The Post Office
11p SU 4/28

Reel Midwest: Homegrown
11a SU (ends 4/21)

Rick Steves’ European Easter
5a M 4/8

Ringling, Akron & the ‘Blue Heaven’ Circuit
8p S 4/6; midnight SU 4/7; 2p SU 4/7

Rosie’s Rules
9:30a M-F

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Sara’s Weeknight Meals
3:30p F

Sesame Street
10a M-F

Shakespeare & Hathaway
10p M; 3a T

Sister Boniface Mysteries
8p TH; 1a F; 7p SU; midnight M (begins 4/8) (PMT 4/29); 12:30a M 4/29

The State of Ohio
12:30a S

Steven Raichlen’s Planet Barbecue
4:30p S (begins 4/20)

Story in the Public Square
12:30a W

Studio C Sessions
8:30p F; 1:30a S

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Taste of Malaysia with Martin Yan
4p F

3p W (ends 4/10)

Television Event
9p M 4/22; 2a T 4/23; 5p SU 4/28

This Is America & The World
12:30a TH

This Old House
11:30a S; 10a SU; 3p T

Thousand Pebbles on the Ground
midnight M 4/29

Tim Farmer’s Country Kitchen
3p S

To the Ends of the Earth: The Natural World — Oceans
5a M 4/15

Travels with Darley
4:30p W (ends 4/17)

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Under Fire, Under Siege: Strike Breakers in Kent, Ohio
5p SU 4/21

9a SU

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Variety Studio: Actors on Actors
6p S (ends 4/20)

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Wai Lana Yoga
5:30a S

Washington Week with The Atlantic
8p F; 1a S; 6p SU

Where Neon Goes to Die
Noon SU 4/28

Wild Hope
9:30a SU

Wild Kratts
8:30a M-F (PMT 4/16)

Wild Kratts: Our Blue and Green World
8:30a M 4/1; 12:30p W 4/3; 8a F 4/5; 10:30a T 4/9; 8:30a TH 4/11

Woodsmith Shop
4p T

Work It Out Wombats!
10:30a M-F (PMT 4/9 & 4/26)

The World According to Polka
10:30p S 4/20 & 4/27; 2:30a SU 4/21 & 4/28; 5:30a M 4/29

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Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
1:30p M-F (PMT 4/19)

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Yoga in Practice
5a S

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