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Studio C Sessions

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Friday, June 25, at 8:30 PM

Best of Show

Best of Show, Part 1

  • Soul Asylum
  • Walk the Moon
  • Avett Brothers
  • KT Tunstall
  • Eliot Sumner
  • The Record Company

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Dorothy / KT Tunstall

Stone Senate / The Avett Brothers

The Jayhawks / LOLO

About Studio C Sessions

Recorded live in a subterranean bunker of a studio on the backstreets of Akron, STUDIO C SESSIONS are live performances that capture artists and audiences connecting in the closest of confines. To experience these unique concerts live, you have to be a member of The Summit FM, a public radio station serving Akron, Canton and Youngstown. But now PBS Western Reserve and The Summit are teaming up to share highlights of these intimate music moments on PBS Western Reserve.


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PBS Western Reserve and The Summit