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Summer Courses 2024

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  • All courses are online, self-paced courses developed and facilitated by Christine Danhoff. 
  • All coursework is to be completed between June 3rd and August 2nd.
  • Each course offers 15 contact hours or one optional graduate credit available through Kent State University.
  • Please click on each course for further description and registration.

Google Workspace for Education Basics

Learn to effectively use Google Workspace for Education apps and prepare for the Google Educator Level 1 exam, enhancing both your teaching and personal workflow.


Google Workspace for Education and Beyond!

Expand your knowledge of Google Workspace for Education apps and prepare for the Google Educator Level 2 exam, improving both educational and personal management.


Boost Student Engagement

Discover strategies to enhance student engagement and empower them to become content creators, while effectively collecting feedback and data.


Yes, Littles Can!

Learn how to set up and manage a learning management system for young students, create engaging resources, and provide meaningful feedback.


Work Smarter, Not Harder with EduProtocols

Implement EduProtocols lesson frames to streamline classroom workflow, fostering collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in students.


Level Up with Gamification!

Integrate gaming elements into your classroom to boost student engagement and critical thinking using various interactive resources.


Let Student Creation SOAR!

Utilize tools like Book Creator, Flip, and Canva to help students creatively demonstrate their learning and enhance communication and collaboration skills.


Immersive Learning with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Explore and create augmented and virtual reality resources to make learning more interactive and engaging for students.


Get Caught Up in Code!

Learn to integrate coding into various subjects using resources like and Google CS First, promoting logic and problem-solving skills in PreK-5 students.


Empower Students with PBL

Develop project-based learning plans that connect real-world problems to your curriculum, encouraging student voice, choice, and creativity.


AI In Education Webinar Series

This is a two part webinar series.  You can register for one or both webinars. 

"AI in Action" - August 5th 9:00-11am 

Take your understanding of AI to the next level in this virtual, hands-on session. Explore practical ways to implement AI tools in your teaching practice. Learn how AI can streamline lesson planning, assessments, and student engagement. 

"AI Innovation" - August 8th 9:00-11am

Explore real-world applications of AI. Discover how to empower students with AI-driven projects and initiatives. Introduce students to foundational AI concepts, preparing them to use AI tools ethically.