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Detroit Disassembled at the Akron Art Museum

When a city crumbles and nature takes over, the imagery is striking. In the case of Detroit, the effects of decline, time and nature are both tragic and majestic.

PBS Western Reserve goes behind the scenes of the Akron Art Museum’s current exhibition, Detroit Disassembled at the Akron Art Museum, to tell the story of Moore’s photography.

Beyond the powerful images of Moore’s photographs is the story of how this photographer explores abandoned buildings and records his findings.

“Moore’s photographs of the Motor City are sublime—beautiful, operatic in scale and drama, tragic yet offering a glimmer of hope,” says Barbara Tannenbaum, the museum’s director of curatorial affairs. “Although it is hard to believe that his post-apocalyptic scenes reflect present-day America, the artist has been scrupulously honest.”

The program also documents the Akron Art Museum’s role in organizing the exhibit and its companion book. Tannenbaum shares her insights into Moore’s work, as does Yancey Richardson of New York’s Yancey Richardson Gallery.

Fred and Laura R. Bidwell, whose financial support helped to make both the exhibition and the publication of the book possible, discuss their relationship with Moore, the impetus of this exhibition and some of the themes in Moore’s photography. In addition, the response of the public to Moore’s work at the exhibition opening is part of this interesting special that goes far beyond a gallery visit.

A PBS Western Reserve production, 2010.