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Wine Tasting with Rick Steves
Wine Tasting with Rick Steves

Date and Time

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024
7 PM - 8:15 PM

Calling all wine enthusiasts and world travelers! 

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning your wine journey, you do not want to miss this enchanting evening with PBS Western Reserve and our very own world traveler, Rick Steves. He will share his passion for travel and wine, guiding you through a handpicked selection of exceptional wines from the most celebrated vineyards. Immerse yourself in the culture and distinct flavors of each region as you sip and savor alongside fellow wine enthusiasts. Reserve your spot now! 

Rick Steves and a professional sommelier will guide you in a tasting of different wines. You’ll learn the art of wine tasting with the fundamental five S’s: see, swirl, sniff, sip and savor. Sip along and learn something new about the wonderful world of wine!


This event makes a great gift! We invite you to attend yourself, and give this wine tasting experience to the wine lover in your life. 


Ticket purchases for this event support PBS Western Reserve programming.


Your ticket includes:

  • 6 mini bottles of wine (enough for two to taste) that will be shipped directly to your door
  • Access to the virtual tasting led by a sommelier alongside Rick Steves
  • 75 minutes of wine education and Q&A


PLEASE NOTE:Kits cannot be shipped to Canada and the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Utah.

This virtual tasting experience can be shared with another friend or family member. Just purchase an additional kit and enter the shipping address for that person.

Guests must be 21 years old to participate in alcohol related events.

Ticket Sales End January 12th, 2024




How it works:

This virtual event will take place via Zoom Webinar. Zoom is free to the public but requires a computer download. You can download Zoom here.


Shipping Details:

  • Make sure that your address is submitted correctly (no typos!)
  • Register by JANUARY 12 so we can ship your kit with ample time
  • Kits cannot be shipped to Canada and the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Utah.
  • Kits cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box
  • Any kits to be shipped to Hawaii will incur an additional $15 shipping fee
  • You will need to show identification and sign upon delivery to prove you are 21+ years of age. (Will not be delivered without this)
  • This kit includes wine tasting of 6 wines for 2 people






Will I receive tracking information for my wine kit? 

  • Yes. Tracking information will come directly from the vendor once the kit has shipped. 


Can I change my shipping address? 

  • If you need to change your shipping address after JANUARY 12th you will need to contact UPS to make adjustments to the shipment. 


How quickly will I receive my order? 

  • All kits will be shipped the week of January 22nd, and all kits should arrive by February 6th as long as someone Is home to receive the kit. 


I was not home to receive my kit, now what? 

  • UPS will leave an attempted delivery message if needed with their next intended drop off date. 


Can you guarantee delivery on a certain day or time? 

  • Unfortunately, no. 


Can it be shipped to my PO Box?

  • NO. Someone needs to be home to sign and prove that they are above the age of 21. 


Do I have to be home to receive my wine kit? 

  • Yes. This package needs to be signed off on upon delivery to prove that the purchaser is 21+. 


This is a gift- will there be a receipt in the package? 

  • When shipping out your order, a  receipt, invoice, or packing slip is not included in the package. 


What should I do if my order was damaged in transit? 


What do I do if my kit did not arrive in time? 

  •  This event WILL be recorded and sent to ALL attendees a week following the event for you to still have the chance to sip along with Rick Steves and your delicious wines. 




About the Wine


Do I need to be 21+ to participate in this event? 

  •  YES. 


Does everyone planning to taste need to purchase a ticket/ kit? 

  • Each ticket comes with 6 bottles of mini wine, enough for two to share, if you would like to receive more wine, additional kits are needed but will only have to use ONE of the ZOOM links that will be sent out prior to the event. 


What is the shelf life of the mini wine bottles? 

  • These wines are best enjoyed within 3-4 months, if unopened. Once opened, the wine should be consumed within a few days. 


What kind of wines are included on this kit?

  • There will be a mixture of Red and White wines in this kit. 


Do the wines need to be refrigerated? 

  • The entire box that is shipped to you can be stored into the fridge. You may have heard that red wines should be served at “room temperature” but the optimal wine storage temperature is somewhere in the middle of 70F and 45F, so sticking the whole box in the fridge just makes everything so easy! Before the event, just be sure to open each mini-bottle right before the tasting to let the wine breathe. 


What do I need to prepare beforehand for this event? 

  • Our first suggestion would be is to have a strong internet connection! Next is to prepare the wine: Stick the entire kit in the fridge for at least 1 hour and Open each mini-bottle right before the tasting and let that wine breathe. Then you should gather your gear: At least 2 wine glasses and water.


What wines come with my kit? 

  • La Pluma - Sauvignon Blanc 2022 California
    Pairs well with: Brie or Fontina Cheese, Salmon or Fruit Tarts
  • Wild Child - Chardonnay 2022 North Coast
    Pairs well with: Risotto or Cream Sauces
  • Wild Child - Rosé 2022 Mendocino County
    Pairs well with: Fresh, garden salads, chicken skewers, oysters, rhubarb pie.
  • Wild Child - Pinot Noir 2020 Central Coast
    Pairs well with: Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, Pork
  • Unprecedented - Syrah 2020 Lake County
    Pairs well with: Anything grilled! Burgers, lamb chops, or tuna.
  • Wild Child - Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 Mendocino/North Coast
    Pairs well with: Robust meats and cheeses. Blue cheese, steak, bacon wrapped dates.


Do you have recommended snacks for the tasting? 

  • You can pair any of your favorite snacks like pretzels or classic potato chips with these wines; or you could pair these wines with more classic snacks are things such goat cheese or an Olive Tapenade. 


Do I need a bottle opener? 

  • No, all wines are twist off. 


Can I participate without the wine kit?

  •  No. 


Is there an NA version? 

  • No. 


I thought the wine was going to be from France.

  • Though these grapes are not from France, these wines delve into the art of French winemaking and how these wines are still considered French by celebrating the beautiful fusion of French traditions and California's groundbreaking winemaking.
  • One of our core values is education, and we wanted to discover with you all the interesting history of French wine varietals and their journey to North America.
  • Note that guests will also receive a surprise 7th bottle of wine and an aerator at no cost.


Where can I purchase more of this wine?




ZOOM Access


Can I share the ZOOM link with a friend if I am unable to join the event? 

  • No. 


I purchased my ticket before realizing I have prior obligations!  Will this event be recorded? 

  • This event WILL be recorded and sent to ALL attendees a week following the event for you to still have the chance to sip along with Rick Steves and your delicious wines. 


How can I submit a question(s) to Rick Steves? 

  • Since this is a live event, you will be able to ask your questions to Rick during the event with the Q&A ZOOM Feature. Attendees will be able to “upvote” the most popular questions that Rick will then be able to answer. Unfortunately, we cannot promise all questions will be answered. 


What do I do if I cannot find a ZOOM link? 


Will Rick Steves be able to give a shoutout during the event? 

  • No. 


How do I get my ZOOM link for this event? 

  • ZOOM link will be sent to all ticket purchasers immediately following their purchase of the ticket in their confirmation email. Attendees may need to access their email’s JUNK FOLDER to find this email. Along with the confirmation email, the ZOOM link will be sent to all attendees in follow up emails 48 hours, 24 hours, and 1 hour before the event. 


Will the event be captioned? 

  • Yes


What do I do if I am having technical difficulties during the event? 


I have never used ZOOM, what do I do? 

  • Before this event, you will need to download Zoom. Zoom is free to the public and you can download it here. If you already have Zoom you will not need to download the platform again.