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Featured Local Productions

In addition to creating many of its own productions, PBS Western Reserve works closely with local independent producers to premiere their works and to provide content to Northeast Ohio.

Local Series

PBS Western Reserve offers a fascinating array of local productions that support our efforts to enrich the lives of Northeast Ohioans.
  • Studio C Sessions
  • Forum 360
  • The Arts & COVID-19: What Now?

Arts Specials

You can view the works at an area art exhibit, hear the music of our renowned orchestras and so much more.
  • Studio C Sessions
  • Nick Cave, Summit Lake: Heard
  • Polka Across America
  • Ken Nordine: Video for the Ear
  • The Arts & COVID-19: What Now?
  • Arts Specials

History Specials

Explore our region’s history and culture through this selection of diverse programs.
  • Stark County Courthouse: 200 Years of History, Community and Justice
  • Black College Football Hall of Fame: Journey to Canton
  • Lines Broken: The Story of Marion Motley
  • Under Fire, Under Siege: Strikebreakers in Kent, Ohio
  • The Forgotten Dead
  • History Specials

News & Public Affairs Specials

Enjoy regionally based news & public affairs content.
  • Forum 360
  • East Liverpool, Ohio: My Town
  • Ralph Regula: The Gentleman from Ohio
  • A Closer Look: Mitochondrial Disease
  • News & Public Affairs Specials

Educational Productions

PBS Western Reserve’s Educational Services Department provides outstanding programs, services and resources to enhance learning outcomes for students, educators and learners of all ages.
  • Remote Learning K-3
  • Computer Science for Your Classroom: Ohio’s Standards
  • Teaching with Tech: Ohio’s Standards
  • Make-IT: Learning Through Exploration
  • Digital Skills: Developing Online Assessment Skills in Everyday Classroom Activities
  • Educational Productions