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Computer Science for Your Classroom: Ohio’s Standards

Computer Science for Your Classroom: Ohio’s Standards

COMPUTER SCIENCE FOR YOUR CLASSROOM: OHIO’S STANDARDS is designed to help teachers in grades K-8 better integrate the learning standards for computer science. Computer science is becoming as essential as math and writing for our future workforce. The project highlights lessons from teachers who are bringing computer science concepts to their students in various innovative ways.

Produced: 2020

Subject Area: Computer Science; Technology

Grade Level: K-8

Resources: Computer Science Resources from Ohio Department of Education.

Computer Science Intro

This video explains the learning standards and gives an overview of their importance in the education of our future workforce.

Goodyear Challenge: Grade 5

This collaboration is led by Digital Literacy Learning Coach Susan Hall of Akron Public Schools, who collaborates with Goodyear on an annual Ozobot challenge for 5th graders. Goodyear designs a course for students to navigate an Ozobot, laying down code to score points. Strand: Algorithmic Thinking & Programming.

Featured Educators:

Susan Hall

Brenda Leighton

Virtual Lesson: Grades 1-4

Computer science teacher Diana Evans from Cleveland M.S.D. demonstrates a virtual lesson combining math and computer science, building in complexity with grade progression. Strands: Data & Analysis, Algorithmic Thinking & Programming.

Featured Educator:

Diana Evans

ELA in a Website: Grade 6

Renee Coley of Reynoldsburg City School District teaches an ELA lesson in writing an explanatory essay based on lesser-known African Americans, by having students construct a website. Strands: Data & Analysis, Algorithmic Thinking & Programming, Impacts of Computing.

Featured Educator:

Renee Coley

Tic Tac Toe: Grade 3

Rachel Williams, intervention specialist for Warrensville Heights City Schools, instructs students about algorithmic thinking and programming through a lesson based on Tic Tac Toe. Strand: Algorithmic Thinking & Programming.

Featured Educator:

Rachel Williams

Cybersecurity: Grade 8

This lesson is presented by Great Lakes Science Center, collaborating with Tina Kovach, computer science teacher for Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The lesson teaches 8th graders about networks and the internet through a simulated man-in-the-middle attack and exercises in encryption, without the use of a computer. Strand: Networks and the Internet.

Featured Educator:

Tina Kovach