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Media Moments

Media Moments

In MEDIA MOMENTS you’ll find out about television news. Just as there are architects who draw blueprints and construction workers who create buildings, there are people who put the news together. A news program is carefully structured. All the people and things that go into the mix affect the final product.

The Media Literacy component discusses what media literacy is, the key concepts, a glossary of terms and much more information about this important topic.

Educational Resources

Produced: 2001

Subject Area: Media Literacy

Grade Level: All Grades

Resources: Media Moments Teacher Guide

Behind the Scenes

This segment deals with set design, the physical elements of a news program, and people behind the scenes that make it happen.

Decision Makers

The News Director decides which stories will be used in the program. The Producer decides how a story will look before it gets on the air (where to put it during the program and who will tell it). The Reporters get the news and the Anchorperson reads it on the air.

Constructing the News Story

First a reporter gathers the who, what, where and why of the event. Stories are then edited and given to the anchorperson to read.

The Business Behind the Business

Commercials are the key to funding the news.