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Lorna Doone

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Lorna Doone

Lorna Doone


Saturdays, July 13–27, at 9 PM
Sundays, July 14–28, at 1 AM

Fusion (WNEO 45.2 / WEAO 49.2):

Sundays, July 14–28, at 4 PM


As a child, John Ridd watches as his father is killed by the feared clan, the Doones, and swears revenge. Later in life, however, he meets Lorna Doone, and the attraction between them is instant, despite their clan rivalry. But the discovery that Lorna was stolen from her aristocratic family by the Doones only increases the intrigue, for now she is a ward of the King, and prevented by class from marrying her true love, John. How will he win her? Sumptuous production values compliment a rich and talented cast in this swashbuckling adventure set in 17th Century rural England.

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