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Forum 360

Forum 360

This public affairs series provides a local viewpoint on global topics. Topics covered are both educational and entertaining, and are hosted by a Northeast Ohio community member who assists in determining the show’s content.

Next on Forum 360

Jen Miller, Executive Director at the League of Women Voters Ohio & Rev. Brandi Slaughter, Policy Director for Ohio Council of Churches

Monday, Oct. 4, at 5 PM

“Mapping New District Lines and Public Participation” FORUM 360 host Pat Simons interviews guests Jen Miller and Rev. Brandi Slaughter regarding mapping new district lines and public participation.

The Joyce Family — Dru Joyce II, Dru Joyce III and Cameron Joyce

Monday, Oct. 4, at 5:30 PM

“The Newest Coaching Dynasty—The Joyce Family” FORUM 360 host Leslie Ungar talks with members of the Joyce family, who are recognized as having developed a dynasty in sports coaching.

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