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Training for Freedom

Voting Rights: Then vs Now Lesson Plan


Directions for Teacher: 

Watch the TRAINING FOR FREEDOM documentary and have the students answer the guiding questions.

In preparation for the discussion, have the students do some research on the issue of modern concerns with voting and voting rights.  

The Essential Question for their research: Are voting rights today secure for all Americans?


Suggested Links for Student Research:,registration%20process%20vary%20by%20State


Support Resources for Teaching Controversial Subjects in the Classroom:

Deliberating in a Democracy: resources on teaching difficult subjects in the classroom

Teaching Controversies Website for Teachers (Dr. Judy Pace)

Book by Dr. Pace about teaching difficult topics in the classroom


Grade Level: 9-12

Ohio’s Learning Standards: Social Studies, AMG.9-12.3

Resources: Voting Rights: Then vs Now Lesson Plan PDF file.