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The Ohio and Erie Canal

Over nearly two centuries the Ohio and Erie Canal evolved from a significant transportation route to an important civic asset. This documentary tells the story of its construction in the early 1800s and its ensuing history.

Early visionaries understood that development of the city of Akron would require the ability to transport goods from there to Cleveland. Through perseverance and ingenious engineering, the canal route was built and in 1827, the first boat passed through it. Almost immediately the canal enabled all kinds of industries to flourish using its route. The project greatly contributed to Ohio’s rise to industrial prominence.

THE OHIO AND ERIE CANAL tells of life along and on the canal for people and businesses. It also chronicles its decline, demise and then redevelopment as an important natural and recreational resource.

The Ohio and Erie Canal

Discover the fascinating history of the Ohio and Erie Canal and what it is today.

Preview—The Ohio and Erie Canal

Explore the Ohio and Erie Canal’s changing legacy to the region and nation.