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Pattern ID at the Akron Art Museum

This PBS Western Reserve production takes an in-depth look at the Akron Art Museum Pattern ID exhibition. Pattern ID at the Akron Art Museum covers artist interviews, behind-the-scenes footage about the exhibition’s creation and segments from its preview party.

The Pattern ID exhibition features 15 artists of diverse origins who have seized on pattern and dress as powerful visual connectors between themselves, their histories and their audiences. “It shows how we live today; that we move from place to place, that we come from complex heritages with many countries, religions, ethnic backgrounds — all combined and merging,” said Mitchell Kahan, Akron Art Museum director and CEO. “There’s geographic diversity, there’s religious diversity, there’s gender diversity and there’s diversity of media and that is crucial to the exhibition.” Pattern ID opened at the museum on Jan. 9, 2010 through May 9, 2010.

For the TV special, host Jody Miller interviews artist Iona Rozeal Brown, along with funders of Pattern ID and gallery owners who have lent artists’ works for the exhibition. In addition, museum staff describe their efforts over the past two years to bring the exhibition from concept to reality, including how they selected the emerging artists whose art is featured. At the preview party, attendees share their opinions of the new show and model their own pattern IDs by wearing colorful, flamboyant clothing.

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A PBS Western Reserve production, 2010.