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City Centric Youngstown
Gain insight into this city that runs on elbow grease.

Youngstown-centric individuals are Jackie Popovec, lead singer of the Vindys; Samantha Turner, 3rd Ward city councilperson; Patricia Stokes, neighborhood steward for Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation; Sharon Letson, Youngstown Cityscape executive director; Aspasia Lyras-Bernacki, co-owner of Penguin City Brewing Company; and Derrick McDowell, founder of Youngstown Flea.

PBS Western Reserve (WNEO 45.1 / (WEAO 49.1)

Friday, Sept. 29, at 8:30 PM

Saturday, Sept. 30, at 1:30 AM & 5 PM

Sunday, Oct. 1, at 11 AM

Monday, Oct. 2, at 9 PM

Tuesday, Oct. 3, at 2 AM


Fusion (WNEO 45.2 / (WEAO 49.2)

Saturday, Sept. 30, at 7 PM

Wednesday, Oct. 4, at 7 PM

The Entertainer

Jackie Popovec, Lead singer of the Vindys

“My favorite thing about being an artist is that I get to perform in front of people and people relate. If anyone is singing our song…if they come to a show and they tell me how much something meant to them, that is like the highest compliment I could ever receive.”

The Politician

Samantha Turner, 3rd Ward city councilperson

“For the people in the city that have chosen to stay here, that live here, that raise their kids here – it’s important for us to get out in the community and say ‘we see you, we hear you, this is still your city.’”

The Humanitarian

Patricia Stokes, Neighborhood steward for Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation

“Youngstown has made me a better person because it has pushed me out of my little cocoon…and helped me to actually get out and do my purpose in life.”

The Revitalizer

Sharon Letson, Executive director of Youngstown Cityscape

“I think [it] is critical, particularly critical for a city like ours, to feel a sense of pride…[for] where you’re from, to be proud of your surroundings. I think those are the things that get you motivated to be a part of your community.”

The Entrepreneur

Aspasia Lyras-Bernacki, Co-owner of Penguin City Brewing Company

“I could have had Penguin City anywhere [but] I wanted Youngstown because I wanted the challenge and I wanted to be a part of this revitalization.”

 “Tough times don’t last, tough cities do…that is Youngstown.”

The Future

Derrick McDowell, Founder of Youngstown Flea

“Our makers and our creatives, those folks who are doing things that are ahead of their time in the city of Youngstown can show us…what we need to know right now about where our future is headed.”

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About Youngstown

Youngstown is the largest city in and county seat of Mahoning County. It is situated on the Mahoning River, 58 miles southeast of Cleveland and 61 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. In addition to having its own media market, the city is part of the larger Northeast Ohio region. Youngstown is midway between Chicago and New York City via Interstate 80. — Wikipedia 

Some well-known Youngstown attractions include Hollywood Gaming Mahoning Valley, the Covelli Centre, Lanterman’s Mill & Covered Bridge, OH WOW! Children’s Center and the Butler Institute of American Art. ― 

Incorporated: 1848 (village) 

Incorporated: 1867 (city) 

Founded by: John Young 

Named for: John Young 

Population: 60,270 (2021) 

Mayor: Jamael Tito Brown 

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