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And Water for All

This documentary discusses water affordability in Ohio. Building and maintaining the physical infrastructure to deliver high-quality, affordable water to Ohio’s citizens is a costly endeavor, and how to pay for these important investments can lead to heightened levels of social and political conflict.  

The one-hour production was written and directed by Ramiro Berardo, professor of environmental and natural resources policy at The Ohio State University. “With this film, I set out to explore the complex conversations about water affordability across the state of Ohio with the goal of amplifying the voices of those who work toward providing clean, affordable water for all,” he said. 

Experts helping to describe the challenges include Bryan Stubbs, executive director, Cleveland Water Alliance; Manny Teodoro, associate professor of public affairs, University of Wisconsin­–Madison; Jerry Rouch, deputy director for infrastructure funding, Ohio EPA; and more. Local officials and residents also offer their local concerns about water quality. 

AND WATER FOR ALL examines the challenges that governmental and nongovernmental entities face to secure access to clean, affordable water in the coming decades. 

Trailer—And Water for All


Explore Ohio’s issues and challenges related to providing quality water to its citizens.

Financial Assistance Programs—Water and Sewage

The following cost-saving programs benefit eligible customers. Criteria varies by program. Check the links below to see if you qualify.


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