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A More Perfect Union

“A more perfect union” is not only a phrase contained within the preamble to our constitution; it is also the name of this program about bipartisanship in Congress. The program asks the question whether or not, in today’s political climate, we are witnessing less bipartisanship than ever, or is it just more of the same?

Given the never-ending cycle of cable news, the internet and social media, the public is inundated with comments and video of our congressional representatives, many times vigorously “arguing.” Is this the norm? Has it been in the past? How does it affect policy?

A MORE PERFECT UNION uses, as an example, the life and career of the late Ohio Congressman Ralph Regula as an example of how effective bipartisanship can be. It shows how Congressman Regula, a Republican, worked across the aisle with Democrats to pass meaningful legislation for the nation as a whole.

The program includes comments from Leon Panetta, who held positions in both the Clinton and Obama administrations; John Kasich, governor of the State of Ohio; California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi; and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

Produced by Ron Ponder, owner of PonderSystems media production company, the program also takes a historical look at Congress, including political cartoons from newspapers, to provide a perspective of congressional leaders and their effectiveness as legislators.


Premiered on PBS Western Reserve, April 2018.