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White House 20500

White House 20500

Alex and Ravi, the two 8th-grade characters in the story, discover how our government works. The lessons introduce citizenship through a humorous and lively storyline that will maintain student interest. This series is based on the 17 learning outcomes students must master for Ohio’s 8th-grade social studies proficiency test.

Educational Resources

Produced: 1993

Subject Area: Social Studies

Grade Level: 5-8

Resources: White House 20500 Teacher Guide

Video 1: Culture

Video 5 & 6: The Executive Branch & The Judicial Bra

Video 10: Voting

Video 14: Civic Responsibility

Video 2: Types of Government

Video 7: Federalism

Video 11: Laws

Video 15: Test-Taking Skills

Video 3: The Constitution

Video 8: The Bill of Rights

Video 12: Economic Systems

Video 4: The Legislative Branch

Video 9: American Rights

Video 13: Taxes and Trade — White House 20500