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Shortcuts to Happiness: The Performing Arts

Shortcuts to Happiness: The Performing Arts

This 10-video series offers insight into the careers that work together to make “theater.” Each segment shows a person whose profession is acting, writing, directing, etc. We then go to the Broadway Series and see their craft “up close.” Finally we see students performing these same tasks in their schools. Each episode is based on national and Ohio writing and performing arts curriculum standards.

Educational Resources

Produced: 2005

Subject Area: Fine Arts

Grade Level: Middle School

Resources: Shortcuts to Happiness: The Performing Arts Teacher Guide

Music Made Visible: Dance
Some Choose a Pen: Writer
Be Sincere, Be Brief, Be Seated: Public Speaking
Born at the Rise of the Curtain, Die at Its Fall: Actor
An Adventure of the Mind: Director
Awakening Joy: Performing Arts Teacher
Painting Pictures on Silence: Singer
Meeting Place of the Arts: Theater Tech
What We Play Is Life: Musician
To Imagine Is Everything: Video Production