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Secrets of Sherlock (S.O.S.)

Secrets of Sherlock (S.O.S.)

Sherlock is a dog—a very smart dog—with big ideas that sometimes don’t work out. Your students will become “S.O.S. Trackers” to help him solve a variety of problems. SECRETS OF SHERLOCK (S.O.S.) helps teachers prepare students for Ohio’s proficiency tests in the areas of communication and skill integration. An extensive teacher guide includes explanations and student activities.

Educational Resources

Produced: 1994

Subject Area: Language Arts

Grade Level: 4-6

Resources: Secrets of Sherlock (S.O.S.) Teacher Guide

Video 1: Travel Tracks
Video 5: Mighty Bites
Video 2: Food Is My Life
Video 3: On the Right Track
Video 4: Grinny's Danger