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Math and Science Gumbo

Math and Science Gumbo

Weights, measures, cooking times and temps, physical and chemical changes ... you name it and the Kitchen Mathematician will beat, mix, blanche, toast, boil and fricassee food to explore the math and science that goes into cooking.

MATH AND SCIENCE GUMBO takes the unique approach of using food and cooking to teach many principles of math and science. The series focuses on math concepts like unit pricing, fractions, estimation, units of measurement, area and so on. On the science side, the series looks at the concepts of physical and chemical change, preservation, refrigeration, enzymes, microorganisms and gas laws. MATH AND SCIENCE GUMBO is tied to Ohio’s Academic Content Standards.

Educational Resources

Produced: 2005

Subject Area: Mathematics; Science

Grade Level: 3-6

Resources: Math and Science Gumbo Teacher Guide

Grocery Store

Many good recipes require the cook to purchases items at the grocery store. Smart shoppers understand unit pricing, estimation and computation, economics, multiples and the various methods used for paying for purchases.

Pizza Shop

Hot, fresh pizzas are more than just delicious! Their different shapes are perfect for learning about fractions, remainders, percentage and area. Plus, a pizza's baking process is the perfect way to learn about elapsed time.

Food Preservation

Preserving food to prevent spoilage involves chemical and physical changes. It also requires knowledge of units of measurement, volume and food safety.

Bake Shop

There's nothing like the aroma of fresh, hot baked goods, right out of the oven. In this section, students will learn about units of measurement, fractions and the physical and chemical changes of baking.


Restaurants and school cafeterias buy and prepare large quantities of food every day. How do they know what to buy and prepare when they don't know exactly how many people are coming to dinner?