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K.C. and The Kidd

K.C. and The Kidd

Welcome to K.C. and The Kidd! The Kidd is a detective who wants to be worldly wise and mysterious (which is tough since he’s really a softy). K.C. is his partner, the “kid in the computer.” When The Kidd faces a problem he can’t solve, your students will want to help as part of the Kidd Crew.

This program helps elementary teachers in northeast Ohio to prepare themselves and their students for the upcoming Fourth-Grade Proficiency Test. The goal of the program is to help meet the objectives of the proficiency test, not to teach the test.

Educational Resources

Produced: 1995

Subject Area: Language Arts; Social Studies

Grade Level: 4-6

Resources: K.C. and The Kidd Teacher Guide

Campaign Kidd
Kidd's Treasure
Kidd and the Contest
Write On, Kidd
Space Cadet Kidd