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Frontline, 20 Days in Mariupol

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Frontline, 20 Days in Mariupol

Frontline, 20 Days in Mariupol

PBS Western Reserve (WNEO 45.1 / WEAO 49.1):

Tuesday, Nov. 21, at 10 PM


20 DAYS IN MARIUPOL is a visceral, first-person view of the beginning of the war in Ukraine, told through the perspective of filmmaker and Ukrainian AP video journalist Mstyslav Chernov.

The film follows Chernov as he and his Ukrainian AP colleagues remain trapped in the besieged city of Mariupol, struggling to continue their work documenting atrocities of the Russian invasion. After nearly a decade covering international conflicts, including the Russia-Ukraine war for The Associated Press, 20 DAYS IN MARIUPOL is Mstyslav Chernov’s first feature film.

Chernov and his colleagues, photographer Evgeniy Maloletka and field producer Vasilisa Stepanenko, were the last international reporters to remain in Mariupol as Russian troops attacked the city. Together, the 2023 Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists documented what would become defining images of the war: dying children, mass graves, the bombing of a maternity hospital, and more.


"20 Days in Mariupol" - Trailer


A film from the last international journalists inside the Russian siege of Mariupol.